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Reply Dennis
7:57 AM on May 24, 2017 
Here it is another day and I hope I get my post through.
Does anyone raise tropical Fish?
Reply Dennis
10:34 AM on May 8, 2017 
I think I'm Back to Posting and reading
Reply Ainsley Saraco
12:39 AM on February 20, 2014 
Your rabbit's are polo logo.... You know what I am saying?:).
Reply Megan
9:10 AM on June 2, 2013 
I just love your satins. I started out with mini rexes and netherland dwarfs. Now I've added dwarf hotots and satins to the mix. I can't imagine not having them.
Reply Wanda
7:28 AM on May 24, 2013 
I was reading about what to feed my rabbits. Was looking to see if they could eat white flowered clover. And found other things for your page that was lots of help to my husband and me. Thanks for the help.
Reply Mary McLaughlin
7:32 PM on December 26, 2012 
Just stopped by to see your website...very informative.
Reply Dennis
5:43 AM on December 17, 2012 
roscoe says...
i didnt see any link for rabbits for sale or information.

Post your email add and I will get back to you or,Email me at [email protected]
Reply roscoe
8:24 AM on December 16, 2012 
i didnt see any link for rabbits for sale or information.
Reply Dennis
5:59 PM on June 21, 2012 
The poster below me is an irate Breeder hating Animal Rights activist who just cannot accept
any opinion on the care and treatment of animals which does not coincide with hers,
as are all the other anti breeder opinion posters. Their fairy tails about me are nothing but
that as they have never been to my house and would NEVER allow them as I find them to be less than trustworthy. Believe what you wish about me, for that's your choice.
When dealing with animals, their health and welfare you can follow their path or you can: Think for yourself and do the right thing.
Reply Kate Montabo
3:42 PM on June 21, 2012 
This is a recent couple of posts written by this miserable excuse for a human being breeder(there are several more at [email protected])-not surprising he continues to breed when there are so many homeless babies in need-because he is heartless- here is his post copied and pasted showing his internal hate and trying to spew it upon others after the police brought a hit by a car chinchilla bunny into rescue to save her. Her will to live was so apparent after she began eating on her own, urinating, poohing and so much more....This person needs to be bricked in the head for his mean and cruel 'THUG-ISMS' and bullying the person just trying to save this bunny- when he sells to loozers that end up "allergic" or "without the time needed" or "getting married/having a child" or simply purchasing an Easter present not even knowing how to care for them properly and certainly, not for or considering a 15 year commitment-
This person NEED NOT EVER exploit those who are the ones caring for the many bunnies that end up neglected by those he sells to especially posting something as mean/cruel/heartless/uncaring as this!

Posted by: "Dennis Day" [email protected] ottersatin
Wed Jun 20, 2012 12:42 pm (PDT)

The one that has a fractured pelvis, will be blind in both eyes, requires
operations too numerous to mention at an exorbitant cost!
Do you really expect that rabbit to have any type of quality of life?
I think the best thing you could have done for that rabbit
would have been to: Put her down and out of her misery!
Instead, you choose to place her through the torment and torture of
endless operations and horrific debilitating illness for a "Short"
lifetime of PAIN! Buck up and do what's right for the Rabbit,
not what makes YOU feel like a savior and saint!
Dennis, C.V.R.
Why don't we euthanize your crippled or injured
son or daughter-ailing Mother or Father too??[You lowlife Hootchie]
Animals are NOT Humans! Though I know that
your type feel they are even higher up on the ladder!
Post 2
Oh Christinlea1 HOW GREAT THO ART!!
So Who is taking the Godlike stance NOW? Hmm!

How wonderful that YOU have SAVED that poor
suffering rabbit and she shall live the rest of her days in
WONDROUS BLISS! I applaud you for your miraculous CURE
To the rabbit and allowing it to undergo operation after operation
to save your mortal soul! You are a WONDER!
May GOD bless and keep you!
Dennis, C.V.R. [Oh yeah excuse me for correcting you punctuation]