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 Located in Greene County, upstate New York

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If you are interested in Satins or have a Satin web page and you would like me to link you, please e-mail me.



I was a member of The American Rabbit Breeders Association (A.R.B.A.) and the American Satin Rabbit Breeders Association (A.S.R.B.A) have been for 20 years.

I began breeding red Satins in 1989. My original stock was acquired from a Satin breeder named Brian Sawchuk. In1990 I expanded into working with the chocolate variety, as well; turning out some award winning rabbits. 

I am now working with all of the otter Satin varieties: black, blue, and chocolate. I have a few solid chocolate, black and the broken colored rabbits.

If you are interested in working with chocolate colored Satins and perfecting the color, try breeding black Satins to your chocolates. It will help to darken the color. When you breed a black to a chocolate, you will get black offspring, but they will carry the chocolate gene [b] Making that Black [Bb].

Breed those black offspring to others that carry [Bb]and you will get chocolate and black offspring. You can never get black from breeding two chocolates together.

(When working with a variety of colors genes may make a surprise appearance from as far back as 45 generations, so don't be surprised if you see a red make an appearance, now and then!)

When I first started working with the otter Satin varieties, I worked with a few coppers which were the offspring of a copper and an otter. These can be used in your otter breeding program. You can get otter Satins From coppers with otter in the background as they have the necessary [at] gene.

With my otter Satins I have developed what I believe to be some some very good representatives of their breed and color. I now have black and chocolate colored otter satins as the mainstay of my barn. My herd is constantly improving through strict culling and correct breeding techniques. I continue to strive for perfection.




If you choose to become a rabbit breeder, you must understand the responsibility that comes with it.  Your herd is completely dependent upon you to provide them the proper care.  Failure to comply can be grounds for criminal charges.  Animal abuse is not a joke.

Your rabbits have the right to fair housing. That means you must provide housing that is clean and properly built to protect them from the elements of weather and possible attack by predators.  Their housing must also provide ample space for them to grow and for does to raise their kits to weaning, with easy access to feed and water whenever necessary.

You must provide ample food for your rabbits every day.

 A doe with a littler must have food available 24/7.  Weanlings should be provided full feed to provide ample nourishment for proper growth and health. All other members of the herd should be fed on a one to one basis. Some individuals may require more or less feed to maintain proper condition.

Rabbits have the right to fair treatment at all times, whether they are kept as Breeding stock, Pets, or meat rabbits.

By treating your rabbits with proper respect to conditions necessary for their health, you will provide for them good life until the time they go to whatever purpose deemed. Rabbits are on one of the lowest rungs of the food chain.  They are the prey of nearly ever predator. Do not be ashamed for raising rabbits as a meat source, as long as you provide them proper care. Continue to enjoy your rabbits, and realize that they are a very unique and versatile animal.

-Dennis, C.V.R.